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The Rules

Gaming System & House Rules
Runic Magic

Norse Calendar

Months of the Year
Days of the Week

Player Characters

Vetrulfr Summersbane
Nokki Ivansson

Non-Player Characters

The Redhauss (Red Skulls) bandits

  • Folvar: the leader of the bandits
  • Anar, Vanay, Bera and Gavrik: the bandits
  • Slodi: the bandit cleric of Hel

Locations Visited

  • Alfleid (The Elf-Path)
  • Ravenscar (Ravens’ Rock)
  • Hraezlaborg (Ruined Tower & Catacombs)

Monsters of Folklore

  • Halflings (Froglings, Wolflings)

Main Page

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