The Rules

The Rules System

We will be using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy rules system, which are freely available, but with characters generated using the Play Books from the Beyond the Wall RPG as inspiration for setting-specific characters.

We can use the excellent LotFP character sheets from Last Gasp because they are lovely.

Character Generation

Inspired by the BtW Play Books the available characters for the game as below. Each is adapted from the BtW character generation tables, but for the LotFP system and for the Norse-styled setting of Álfheimr.

Viking-styled names can be generated here, here, or here.

  • The Gifted Dilettante
  • The Novice Templar
  • The Forgotten Child

In the tables, ‘Pips’ refer to the chance-in-six that each LotFP skill has to succeed. There are also two new skills, outlined below, which we shall be using in the game.

New Skills


Prose Edda or Poetic Edda are the main sources of Norse sagas, mythology, history. This skill encompasses ancient and recent history, folklore, oratory, songs and stories. It allows a character to recall a story about goblins, remember a tale about the history of a land, or the myths surrounding a legendary item. Essentially it is a catch-all knowledge skill; but it deals with lore and not mechanics or rules of the game; things like that are hidden in the riddles of the tales remembered.


This skill represents the character’s talent in binding and treating wounds. It can only be used outside of combat, and a successful check allows the recipient to spend one or more of their Hit Dice to recover lost hit points. This skill can be used as often as the recipient has Hit Dice to spend; these are refreshed after a full night’s sleep.

The Rules

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