Vetrulfr Sumarandskotison

The Gifted Dilettante


The Gifted Dilettante

You are not the eldest in your family. You are not the greatest warrior of your many siblings, or a diligent student of the arcane arts. Rather, you have a broad range of abilities, a sharp mind, and a winning smile. You’ve also dabbled in some things you probably shouldn’t have. You know a bit of everything, and are rather bored with your situation.

What was your childhood like?

How did your noble family earn its name?

Having one of the oldest names in the land and staying out of affairs that don’t concern them.

Vetrulfr’s father, as many of his ancestors were, is a mage (Galdr, rune-caster) and advisor to the Jarl on magical and otherwise esoteric matters. Historically, the family has good standing in the community for their loyal service to the incumbent Jarl and the wider community.

How did you distinguish yourself as a child?

There wasn’t a game you couldn’t win.

From an early age, Vetrulfr learned how to turn his intellect and charm to manipulating others around him for his own amusement. He was also a quick study, learning all the quickest and easiest techniques to win any game others would challenge him to. Soon, the games and manipulations became boring and so he’d up the stakes by throwing in a bet or two. Of course, this ended up with more than a few angry losers and Vetrulfr would have to turn on the charm again to get himself out of a sticky situation.

The other player characters were your best friends. Who else near your family’s estates befriended you while you were growing up?

You had a tryst with someone beneath your station.

Vetrulfr had an on-and-off long-standing affair with Kveldsongr, a Skald that would frequent his village. Suffering from on-going nihilistic ambivalence and depression, Vetrulfr was endlessly grateful for the intrigues and secretive nature of their relationship but was equally grateful that Kveldsongr would never linger long in his town so there would be little chance of Vetrulfr getting bored with him and their relationship as he inevitably does with everything else in his life.

However, as all good and interesting things inevitably come to and end in Vetrulfr’s pointless existence, the Skald simply stopped visiting the village and Vetrulfur has mourned his loss ever since – although he would never show the loss on his face since his charms and manipulations are all he has left to keep up what little spirits he has left.

What did you do with yourself in your boredom?

How did you learn to get your way?

By gathering all the information you could.

Aside from games and manipulations, Vetrulfr would often employ his considerable intellect and charm in the gathering of (shall we say) sensitive information about others through carefully constructed ‘light-hearted’ banter, particularly with those in positions of power (for one never knows when particular influential people may need to be influenced).

What was your favourite pastime?

Roughing it with the peasants who live around the Jarl’s longhouse.

Another pleasant side effect of Vetrulfr’s romantic entanglement with the Skald meant that he met his many fans and admirers in various mead halls and locales of a more ‘colourful’ nature that Vetrulfer’s more noble connections would not otherwise afford him. Despite Kveldsongr’s absence, Vetrulfr still frequents these places, mostly to lose himself in their simple pleasures as a way of escaping his nihilistic depressive thoughts, but there is always a hope in the back of his mind this his Skald would burst though that door one day with a beautiful or bawdy new lyric to lighten his heart.

You dallied with forces beyond your ken. How did you save yourself with the help of a friend? The player to your right [Carni] was there with you.

You learned of a creature of darkness who was leading a band of marauders against the keep. You stood against it yourself in the battle.

Having been taught a few of the family skills by his father, Vetrulfr once tried a locating spell to try and track down his lost love. The spell was meant to contact his lover in the spirit plane. However, the spell went awry and Vetrulfr was temporarily possessed by a the spirit of an assassin that was executed for attempting the kill the current Jarl. Upon possessing Vetrulfer, the spirit boasted about her impending vengeance on the Jarl with the requisite warning that attempts to stop it would be futile. Fortunately, one of Vetrulfr’s best friends, Halfrandlit, was on hand to witness the event and immediately fetched Vetrulfr’s father who was able to break the possession and they went to the Jarl with the news. The Jarl, not entirely convinced of the story, decided it would be prudent to send Vetrulfr and his friends (known to be capable warrior in their own right) to investigate the truth of this assassin’s ghostly boasting.

Upon arrival at the location Vetrulfr felt the assassin’s spirit was projecting from, the party found a necromantic monstrosity was soon revealed to be the current host of the assassin’s spirit and it was accompanied by a band of undead marauders who were all dispatch with due haste, finesse & brutality. During the onslaught, Halfrandlit managed to single handedly take out the marauder chief and one of his minions with a single berserkered swing.

You have amassed an assortment of oddities throughout your life, some of which you don’t even remember. What is your favourite?

A magical trinket: a small carved bird that talks

One of Vetrulfer’s prised possessions is a gift given to him by his other best friend, [insert Russ’ character’s name here] after the ‘incident’ with the assassin ghost. It is a small carved bird that talks. [Russ’s character] said, since you’re so prone to trouble, use this to leave a message for Halfrandlit and I and we’ll come bail you out. To this day he has never told Vetrulfr exactly how or from whom he ‘acquired’ the trinket.

Vetrulfr Sumarandskotison

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