Halfrandlit (Haera Hafrsteinsson)

Novice Templar


Haera was named such by his father Hafrsteinn Steinsson on account of being born with a full head of snow white hair. Hafrsteinn was the champion of the Jarl and was at first outraged by the boy’s appearance exclaiming,
“This can be no son of mine! why he is already an old man!”
However he soon warmed to the idea of having a boy to train in his footsteps even if he used to tease the youth about his appearance.
(2. Strength of arms)

Growing up the boy showed much promise and was popular among the Jarl’s court. He even took after his fathers reputation with regards to skill at arms, drinking games and wenches (6. never met someone who didn’t like him)

Indeed, especially with the drinking and wenches.
One winters night he wandered from the hall into a snowstorm. His father swore he was drunk on mushroom wine and did it for a dare. He claims it was a mystic vision. His friends claimed he was lured out by a fae girl in the form of an especially pretty slave wench. (6. Tryst with someone beneath his station)

His mother knew different for it is quietly said that their family has a pact with a certain goddess. Their warriors carry shields of half white and half black and in exchange for glory on the battlefield She would claim one child in each generation for her own. The whole court searched for 3 days and 3 nights until he was found. Laying on his side half buried in snow next to a barrow mound, barely alive and speaking nonsense. No one expected him to survive.

The next day a warrior priest in black armor arrived on a sickly white horse. He spoke not but treated the severe frostbite which covered clear half the young man’s body. when he was well enough the stranger wordlessly took him to join their order. To this day, half his face, one arm and half his body bear the disfiguring scars from the deadly cold and no hair will grow on that side of his head. Because of this the order named him Halfrandlit. He was trained by one of their most battle hardened veterans who instructed him in weapons and techniques still unknown to his people. His frivilous ways were forgotten as he learned stories of far realms and his life gained a higher purpose. (1. A valiant knight)

It was not only skill at arms he was taught but in the mysteries also. Ancient lore of magics and tales of mighty deeds from long ago intrigued the boy and he became a serious and devoted warrior of that mystic order. As is their tradition a longsword was forged for him, the scared weapon of their order. It is whispered darkly that he may even have been taught to read. (3. studied texts)

In the long years he was away, plague and famine beset the Jarl’s domain. The curse was blamed on the barrow mound where the half frozen boy had been found and was now said to be haunted by a spectral warrior. On his return he was accused of disturbing the burial place and bringing misfortune on the people. He swore to make amends by slaying this spirit and with his friends (who refused to let him go alone) marched back to the mound. (3. A fae Knight)

After a furious battle lasting many hours he seemed beaten but with his friend’s help the black knight was thrown from his charging mount. Halfrandlit summoned the last of his strength and with a prayer to his goddess upon his lips clave the enemy’s head in twain with such force that his newly forged longsword shattered. On returning to the village he had one half of the helmet and one half of the Fae’s skull forged into a mighty helmet so that all might remember his new name.
He hates being called Haera.

Daring to explore the inside of the mound he did not return untill dawn. He will not speak of what occured inside but his friends know he returned bearing a strange scroll that he often reads when he thinks no one is watching.
(1. Something to remember your gods words by)

Halfrandlit (Haera Hafrsteinsson)

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