The Álfheimr campaign

The North Wind Will Blow…

Jarl Ivan Ericsson has founded the settlement of Westworth, after following his King, Bjorn Egilsson, over the sea to the new land of Rawcliffe (Red Cliffs). The village lies on the river, bordering a forest that has yet to be fully explored.

In recent weeks there has been raids against the settlement, all in the dead of night. Cattle have been stolen or slaughtered where they stand, and property damaged. A couple of thralls stood against these late night attackers, but were killed by what appeared to be crude spears.

The Jarl and the majority of his hirdmen have left the village, tracking these attackers into the forest. They have been gone for a full day now, leaving the care of Westworth in the hands of their nobel kin: the heroes of our saga.

The saga begins one night, as the young would-be heroes are heading home after their nightly outing to the Jarl’s longhouse, when a cry of alarm breaks the silence of the night…

The Heroes of our Tale

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